Dekstop Wallet Staking

Enabling Staking

There are just two steps to start staking.

1) Make sure that you do not have the command staking=0 in your lyra.conf file.

To check this, go to Tools > Open Wallet Configuration File.

• If your lyra.conf is either blank or contains staking=1, you can move on to the next step.

• If your lyra.conf contains the line staking=0, you must change this to staking=1.

Then, restart your wallet for this change to take effect.

2) Go to Settings > Unlock Wallet, and you should see the following screen (if you do not see the option to unlock wallet, that likely means that you have not encrypted your wallet, which is highly recommended, for your own sake.)

unlock window

Simply check the For anonymization and staking only box, enter your passphrase, and select OK.

Back in your wallet interface, in the bottom right-hand corner, you should now see a green icon that says 'Staking is active'.

staking icon

Depending on when you sent coins to your wallet, you may have to wait 1 hours, which is the staking minimum age. As long as you see the green icon and keep your wallet open and online, you are eligible for staking rewards.


Using the Coin Control feature you can consolidate smaller transaction in a single large sum of coins available to one of your wallet addresses. So you can choose what addresses will be the ones sending the coins.

Consolidating the coins in your wallet will mean that they will available for staking altogether giving you bigger weight on the staking.

Firstly enable Coin Control: Options > Wallet

Then go to the Send tab, you now have the Inputs button.

Select an address and copy the address (right click), then click ok.

Now enter the same address in the “Pay To” field and copy and paste the amount “After Fee” (right click), now we are going to send the coins back to the address

If you run a Scrypta Masternode, you can group masternode rewards in bigger sets. However it’s important to be sure that relative collateral is “locked” on the Coin Control Section. If the masternode collateral is accidentally spent, the associated txhash and output will be destroyed, leaving your masternode offline.

– You can manually lock and unlock transactions by Right-Clicking and either selecting Lock unspent or Unlock unspent. – If you are looking to STOP the Masternode and send the collateral, this is a good method to do so.


Whit this function the first time your address stakes it will automatically split into 2 inputs, and continue to split with each block reward it finds until it reaches the limit of split threshold (default is 2000 coins per input). After is reaches this limit, it will stop splitting into smaller inputs.

Please note: before going any further this is NOT a requirement to staking your LYRA!

You can check the default input size by your wallet:

In the debug consolle: Tools > Debug Console

Command: getstakesplitthreshold

Changing the default input size:

In the debug console: Tools > Debug Console

Command: setstakesplitthreshold <1 – 999999>


With Multisend you can send Masternode and Staking Rewards to any other LYRA address in the percentage that you prefer, up to 100% of your rewards.

To activate MultiSend, go to Settings → MultiSend. A dialog window will appear with input boxes to be filled out. As you can see, first you have to choose to activate the function for Masternode Rewards or Staking Rewards. Both of these boxes may be checked if you are using the wallet both as a Masternode Controller and for Staking.

The Percentage box refers to the percentage of the selected reward which will be sent to the Address box in the next line. Once you fill in the desired information, click Add. You could split the percentages to go to multiple different address, make sure in this case that your total percentage does not exceed 100%.

Once you have completed this, click Activate. Now check the status by clicking on View Multisend. If everything is correct, you should see that MultiSend is Active

If you want to disable it, click on Deactivate. For these changes to take effect, it may be necessary to restart your wallet.