Masternode commands

masternode "command"...
Set of commands to execute masternode related actions. Available commands:
count - Print number of all known masternodes (optional: 'ps', 'enabled', 'all', 'qualify')
current - Print info on current masternode winner to be paid the next block (calculated locally)
genkey - Generate new masternodeprivkey
outputs - Print masternode compatible outputs
start-alias - Start single remote masternode by assigned alias configured in masternode.conf
start-<mode> - Start remote masternodes configured in masternode.conf (<mode>: 'all', 'missing', 'disabled')
status - Print masternode status information
list - Print list of all known masternodes (see masternodelist for more info)
list-conf - Print masternode.conf in JSON format
winner - Print info on next masternode winner to vote for
winners - Print list of masternode winners
masternodelist ( "mode" "filter" ) Get a list of masternodes in different modes