Blockchain commands

getbestblockhash Simply gets the latest / best block hash in the network.

getblock <hash> Passing a specific block hash to this command will produce a response with all of the details of the requested block.

getblockchaininfo Returns all of the information about the current blockchain.

getblockcount Returns the current number of synced blocks.

getblockhash <index> Returns the block hash at a specified index. For example getblockhash 10000 would return 3f18205d5884fdcbf95f2adc7a933b28fd6ec4a474b7dffb41c7a2733d0c4c2d

getblockheader <hash> Gets the header for a specified hash.


getblockheader 3f18205d5884fdcbf95f2adc7a933b28fd6ec4a474b7dffb41c7a2733d0c4c2d


{ "version" : 3, "previousblockhash" : "8614cb01c9c97c7424e2ada9ca726700804feedb80e7a730676752e8ea1e7be2", "merkleroot" : "bcb013dc62d59f01baca55f1d264e7b0574ce45821e44dbd1b52758657a09947", "time" : 1545994896, "bits" : "1c051271", "nonce" : 0 }

getchaintips Returns the branch tips from all your node's known branches.

getdifficulty Returns the current difficulty in finding a hash below a given target.

getrawmempool Returns the current mempool array.

gettxout <txid> Returns details about an unspent transaction output.

gettxoutsetinfo Returns statistics about the database of unspent transaction outputs maintained by the node.

verifychain Returns true or false value based on the validity of the blockchain the node is hosting.