Scrypta Testnet

To use the testnet version of the Scrypta blockchain you will need to download and install the official wallet. You can find an installation guide in the following section:

Next you will need to start the wallet in Testnet mode. To do this it is necessary to insert the text line testnet=1 in the configuration file lyra.conf and restart the wallet.

The configuration file is located in the Data Directory which is automatically created the first time the wallet is started. For more information see the following section:

Steps for starting Scrypta Testnet

  1. Download the wallet and start it. In this way you will have allowed the creation of the data directory;

  2. Close the wallet and go to the data directory called lyra;

  3. Open the lyra.conf file with a text editor;

  4. Add the string testenet=1;

  5. Save the changes in the lyra.conf file;

  6. Start lyra-qt (wallet with graphical interface) or lyrad (version without graphical interface).

Note: if you later want to start the wallet in mainnet mode, simply replace testnet=1 with testenet=0 in the configuration file, save the changes and restart the wallet.

Faucet tLYRA (testnet LYRA)

To receive test LYRAs (tLyra), you can use the Faucet system created using IdA Node technology:

Generate a Lyra testnet reception address in your wallet and enter it in the INIT field of the Tool section. This way you will receive 50 tLyra.

Through the l’IdA node Testnet you can also generate a new address, send it to the tlyra through the INIT function and import the private key into the desktop wallet through the debug console, using the importprivkey YOURPRIVATEKEY command.