Planum Overview

Open-source and permissionless sidechain layer that provide to anyone a clear interface where create, issue and track tokenized assets.

“Planum”, accessible through, is a parallel layer that allow to anyone to create and issue his own tokenized asset, stored, managed and secured using the IDA Nodes Scrypta blockchain network.

Any tokenized assets, once generated with his own metrics, have his independent life cycle in a secured sidechain layer, which runs on top of the Scrypta blockchain, and in future can be transfered and traded with LYRA and all other tokens.

What’s “tokenization” means

By definition, tokenization process is basically the translation of real world assets into blockchains converting them into digital assets and providing a trustable ownership.

In a very simple way, we can digitalize and convert anything into a supply of digital assets through the process of “tokenization”. That way the physical good, once tokenized, become “fungible”, can be transferred, fractioned, stored or traded electronically between different people’s in a digital way.

Actually, big value investments like real estate properties, fine art pieces like collectibles goods or other kinds of goods that represent an economic value, due to different kind of restrictions requirement, physical and much more), are not accessible to all investors. Tokenization through blockchain solve this problem, lowering investment barriers facilitating the process and favouring the introduction of new financial capitals in the sector of interest.

Just to name a few, most relevant applications fields could be represented as:

  • Real-estate investments market

  • Membership and subscription system

  • Gaming and gambling industries

  • Fintech

  • Online Ticketing

  • Parallel payment system networks

  • Tokenization of whole sport teams and franchises

  • Non-fungible tokens emission

Tokenize an asset simply mean the representation of a physical asset in a digital way. This digital representation can be divided in small portions, each one with a single value and then transferred, stored or traded electronically between different entities, corporations or single persons. The total supply and the value of the single created tokens represent the total marketcap of the physical tokeinzed good.

The whole process reduce territorial barriers eliminating middlemen, lowering investment risk and improving liquidity of tangible and intangible assets.