Masternode Hosting Service

Masternode development through The Hub

Scrypta Masternodes and Clientless On Cloud Masternode (COMA) can be implemented through the hosting service offered by “The Hub by Kalkulus” at

This service allows you to start your own masternode in an easy and fast way.

Hosting a Scrypta Masternode

Trough The Hub web application that communicate directly with your desktop wallets, the collateral needed and the rewards generated will be ever in your hand.

In order to run a masternode on VPS trough the Easy Masternode Deployment Service offered by Kalkulus, you will need to complete some preliminary operation on your desktop wallet.

You can read about this procedure on the section called Desktop Wallet Setup.

Hosting a Scrypta COMA Nodes

The Hub offers exclusively a Clientless On Cloud Masternode service , through which the user can participate immediately to the Masternode Super Validator process receiving the “Masternode Holder” rewards. At the same time user can maximize his passive income putting automatically the masternode rewards “in stake”.

In addition, this “cloud” solution allows participants to manage LYRA digital currency from any device. Finally, two-factor authentication processes (2FA) make deposit and withdrawal processes extremely secure.

The Hub also provide a series of additional advanced services like monitoring tool with statistics, charts, earnings history and forecast; in a UI that will be continuously updated with new indicators and graphics.