Masternode Start and Status Check

Masternode Configuration File

Now it’s time to get back to your Lyra Desktop Wallet, open it and click on:

Tools’-> ‘Open Masternode Configuration File’.

Note: we talk about this operation on section called Desktop Wallet Setup if you have already edited your masternode.conf file you can proceed further.

In the ‘Masternode Configuration file’ we’ll need to input the following information:

MN Label: <Enter a label for your Masternode>

VPS IP:Port: <IP address of your VPS and port 42222>

Masternode genkey: <Masternode Genkey> (we generated previously at Desktop Wallet Setup)

TX id: <Your transaction through the Masternode> (we generated previously at Desktop Wallet Setup)

TX out: <OutputIndex of your transaction> (we generated previously at Desktop Wallet Setup)


lyra_mn01 6rPBVJLZ7837WFRutKuZTZmbFq6USZG3rHCTTPosJuXg4DpiyQ3 525901f650f28c83b4b2df449ea4a738e0627bf151734e62fb30bd56de01cf21 0

Next, save the configuration file, close and restart your desktop wallet

Masternode Start

After restarting your Wallet , go to Masternodes Section, select your Masternode and click on Start Alias

Your masternode now should be enabled!

If you want start multiple masternodes at same times, you can use the button Start All on Masternode Section.

Masternode Status Check

On local wallet:

Open Tools >> Debug console and type masternode list-conf. It will show the status, txHash, private key and your masternode wallet IP address. If the status is ENABLED then it is good. But follow additional steps on VPS wallet to check if your masternode is working properly.

Masternode list conf


Login to your VPS server, navigate to your masternode wallet and type in

./lyra-cli masternode status.

If the status returns “Masternode successfully started” then it is working and your masternode is in the masternode payment list.

Masternode successfully started