Manent Guide

Create an account

The process to create an account is simple: You will only need to enter a strong password twice.

Now you are able to proceed to backup your account (instructions below) to keep safe your digital identity and the related wallet.

KEEP YOUR PASSWORD SAFE If you lose your password, your e-signature its lost forever, nobody will be able to recover it for you.

Manent is a Decentralized App and works with no central server. In this way you are the only one aware of your password!

Backup Your Account

  • Tap on Menu (higher left corner) > Backup

  • Select your desired method: DOWNLOAD .SID FILE (.sid) - or - DOWNLOAD PAPER WALLET (.pdf) - These files will be archived in your selected folder.

After downloading .SID file its suggest to saving it in a safe place like as a thumb drive and remove that file from your device.

After downloading the PAPER WALLET .pdf file its suggest to print it and put the paper on a safe place. After that, remove the .pdf file from your device.

NEVER GIVE TO ANYONE YOUR PAPER WALLET Note that while your SID file is password protected, the paper wallet exposes your private keys in the form of a QR code. This is your digital identity and you don't want anyone stole it.

Import an Account

  • Tap on Menu (higher left corner) > Accounts

  • Tap on the "+" symbol (high right corner)

  • Select your prefer restore method:


Navigate into the folder of your device, select the SID File to import and tap OK. Now you are able to manage the imported account.


Bring a LYRA Card closer to your device.

On order to read the LYRA CARD (hardware NFC Card) you need to enable Near Field Communication on your mobile device.


This method enable the camera on your device, so now you can scan the ENCRYPTED WALLET Qr Code reported on your PAPER WALLET.

The PAPER WALLET exposes your private keys in the form of a QR code. NEVER GIVE IT TO ANYONE!

Select an Account

  • Tap on Menu (higher left corner) > Accounts

  • Select now the prefer Account


You will now be redirected to the Dashboard.


  • Tap on SEND button (lower part of the screen)

  • Choose the desired LYRA amount to send

  • Put a valid Receiving Lyra address - or - Scan the QR code

  • Insert now the Wallet Password (your account password)

  • Tap on SEND

Recive LYRA

You can receive LYRA coin on your LYRA Address. You can easily copy your receiving address or create a QR Code that contains also the desired amount to receive.

Suggestion: You could take a QR Code's screenshot of your payment request with your device and send it to whoever you want.

Upload a file or document

  • Tap on VAULT (lower part of the screen) > UPLOAD NEW FILE or use the "+" symbol (higher right corner).

  • Use the slide in order to choose between Encrypted or Public data.

Upload :

  • Insert a Title

  • Choose a Encryption password (for Encrypt data only)

  • Select a File from your device

  • Put a Text

  • Insert the Wallet Password (your account password)

  • Tap on UPLOAD

Please make sure you'll remeber the Encryption password. If you loose it you will not be able to access the data again.

Do not upload illegal or copyright infringing files. Anyone about you is responsible of these files and data.

Browse your documents

  • Tap on VAULT (lower part of the screen).

  • Now you can a tab for each uploaded documents.

  • Tap on a document. Now you have some details about your uploaded data.

  • Tap on SHARE PROOF OF EXISTENCE and you'll be redirect to Scrypta Proof for a know the in-depth details of your document.

Tapping on INVALIDATE you can invalidate your data, this means that you can no longer access this data from your VAULT panel and that any associated file, retained by IdA Nodes, will be deleted. In this case the digital signature, the timestamp, the hashing and the relative proof of the author remain indelible, thanks to the Scrypta distributed ledger technology.


  • Here you can choose your Preferred Currency (USD, EUR, GBP) to simplify the calculation in features like SEND and RECEIVE LYRA.

  • You can choose the theme between Light and Dark mode.