Pratical Aspect

An operational example

To understand the system’s operation we will use a practical example: imagine that through a dApp, a user, with his smartphone, wants to put a photo inside the blockchain and the photo will be permanently maintained by the infrastructure.

Here are the steps:

  1. The user accesses the dApp through an authentication process.

  2. The system provides the user with a public address on the Scrypta blockchain and the respective access keys.

  3. The user takes his photograph and proceeds with the loading process (let's imagine like to upload a picture on Whatsapp).

  4. At this point, the system sends two commands to the IdA Node: the first concerns the upload of the file on IPFS, while the second allows the writing of the reference for this information (a unique identifier) inside the blockchain.

  5. The user waits for the technical times to process its transaction (roughly 2 minutes).

  6. The information and the linked file (the photo) are forever inside the Scrypta blockchain.