Scrypta is a Peer-to-Peer infrastructure designed for new business models and public governance management. The system is based on the digital currency called 'LYRA'. Scrypta is a blockchain with advanced decentralized features for greater scalability, flexibility and is suitable for the creation of complete architectures for unlimited projects and new use cases. The Scrypta hashing algorithm guarantees high-speed transactions and instant payments. The monetary emission scheme, and therefore the rewards distribution, is based on Quark that have an energy-efficient and secure PoS/ Masternode consent layer.

Scrypta is a constant evolution project with decentralized nature that makes it particularly suitable for collaborations and contributions from developers who want to create practical solutions based on its architecture. Moreover, the Scrypta based ecosystem offers exceptional features of archiving, certification and verification which represent excellent tools for all those companies wishing to look at the technological innovation offered by the blockchain.

At the release of the White Paper, expected in february 2019, we will provide more details about the composition of the Core Team.

Everything you read in this document is really working, it is not about the visionary project of a startup: the code is already developed and tested.

You can request a demo by sending an email to: info@scryptachain.org