Blockchain Current Status

Critical aspects analysis

● 2017/2018 has been a crucial period for the development of the entire blockchain ecosystem. However, companies and startups have focused too much on the lucrative and financial aspects, putting the blockchain language and potential at the backseat.

● Ethereum as a “Smart Contracts” creation code has not yet reached the widespread adoption that was expected. Its enormous potential stay in Smart Contract and in their implementation in real use cases. Currently these instruments are mainly used for the mere financial purposes.

● Market of cryptocurrencies are populated by approximately 2000 digital coins, but a big part of them not have a real use cases and have seen their value dropped by 90%, so creating a widespread discontent among investors, especially the medium-small ones.

The focus on dApp (Decentralized Applications blockchain-oriented) and their security has risen enormously: not only the insiders, but also many ordinary people are conscious that the classic data-centric services represent a past destined to disappear in favor of an architecture that allows a high level of privacy and control of the user data.

● The blockchain language, as well as in other technologies, is complex. The winning role of companies and developers is to make technology accessible, creating user-friendly services that solve real problems.

● Focus on real use cases is the key to bring an ecosystem that can have a significant impact to improve various social and economic aspects. Our mission is to build and spread the technical infrastructure to support a mass adoption of blockchain technology.