Scrypta has developed its own solution to favor tokenization processes: an open and permissionless Sidechains system that allows issuing, exchanging and tracking digital assets. ‌ We have already seen that within Scrypta we do not find logics similar to Smart Contracts so we did not focus on software that could manage the issuance and management of these tokens. The technologic choice in the most effective way fell on the powerful tools already available to us, such as the UTXO system and the IdA Nodes.

We then focused on creating a replication of the UTXO system using the Scrypta blockchain as a database and delegating transaction validation directly to IdA Nodes and other clients such as Manent dApp.

All information entered in the blockchain is validated, then made available within the database of the IDA Node itself, just like all other information.

Assets exchange costs

It should be noted that the asset exchange costs are represented only by the system fees which, as in the other cases, are equivalent to 0.001 LYRA per single 8000 Byte transaction. This means that each transaction will cost 0.01 LYRA regardless of the amount of assets moved.

Transaction speed

The assets are transferred instantly thanks to the reading of the mempool of the IdANodes which allows to validate the transactions even with zero confirmations. Validation is done at the IdANode level, this allows you to be sure that the transaction delivered is valid and that it will be inserted in the first available block. It is clear that waiting for the confirmation of the main Network puts the transaction in total safety, even if in some cases (as in the case of use as a payment system and / or micro-transactions) the execution speed is fundamental.


Once issued, the assets are immediately available within Manent Web ( or Manent Mobile (Android, iOS). Assets created with Scrypta Sidechain do not need further software integration. It is possible, of course, to customize the apps according to your stylistic needs (for example to customize the graphics) as both the aforementioned products are open-source.

Asset View available within the Manent App