Scrypta Browser Extension

The Scrypta browser extension is a useful tool to create and use Scrypta identities on online and offline dApps.

The browser extension creates a protected environment for saving and managing Scrypta identities (also called .sid files). These identities are injected directly into the Scrypta dApps (the official ones at the very least) and, through a simple graphical interface, can be created and modified.

The extension can be downloaded both on Chromium browsers (Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, etc) and on Firefox:

Main screen

schermata principale dell'estensione

From this screen it is possible to delete the identity or use it in a dApp. To use the extension, just go to one of the available dApp (eg and click the "USE THIS IDENTITY" button. The page will reload and you have logged in!

dApp Explorer

dApp Explorer

The dApp explorer provides quick links to the official Scrypta App.

Manage IDs

Manage IDs

From this screen it is possible to import the identity, change the main identity or create new ones.

Identity creation

To create an identity, simply press the button at the top right of the "Manage IDs" page and this screen will appear:

Create new Identity

Just enter a password, repeat it and (optionally) rename the identity to identify it in an easier way.