Scrypta Card Wallet

The card wallet completes the Scrypta identity system, providing a simple, safe and powerful tool. The card can be used both to create secure and long-lasting backups of your wallets or can be created for the daily management of your Lyra, your information or as a payment system within the Sidechain.

The card is a physical representation of what has often been called "file. sid", or the digital representation of a Scrypta identity. The size of these files, which we remember to be encrypted, requires NFC card with NTAG216 chip which allows to write up to 888 bytes of information.

As with any other Scrypta technology, this is easily replicable and it is clear that the crucial issue, for user safety, is to generate secure passwords capable of protecting the private keys contained within the card.

To generate the cards we have created a special tool, available here: Scrypta Card Generator allows you to create an infinite number of cards and save a .csv file containing the information necessary for writing them in series. More information on using the tool can be found in the Utility Tools> Card Generator section.


Once a card wallet has been created, this can be used as a tool to perform operations within the blockchain in the simplest way possible, or by entering your password (or PIN) within a trusted application.

Among them, Manent App is the application that allows you to test this type of technology as it allows you to exchange Lyra - on the fly - through the Receive section. After entering the amount to be received, it is possible to request payment of the amount through the card; this will be read and subsequently decoded thanks to the insertion of the password by the debtor. If the password is correct and the funds are actually available, a transaction will be carried out containing the required Lyra amount, and the transaction fees will be solely those relating to the blockchain, which we remember to be 0.001 LYRA.

We have therefore created a perfect POS system, where fees are actually 0 for the merchant and security in exchanges is very high. The password, the private key or the wallet itself are never memorized by the device, making all the exchange operations secure.

Token e Sidechain

This card does not contain only information relating to Lyra, but contains all the information relating to the tokens made through the Scrypta Sidechain System. This means that each token can actually be exchanged in a physical way using blockchain technology in an absolutely transparent way for the user.

If you are wondering what the fields of application of such a technology may be, think of: company canteens, restaurant tickets, tickets for events or concerts, exchanges for real estate and so on.

Certainly the card wallet is the simplest and most immediate tool for an average user, who prefers to have a tangible tool.