Signing/verifying Messages

signMessage(key, message)

This method is used to sign a message via a private key. It is possible to use this method to prove that you have a certain address or to sign a certain data.

The method will then return the signed message, the hash of the same, the actual signature, the public key required to verify the data and the address that generated the signature.

const scrypta = window.ScryptaCorevar privkey = 'Sq9GWa9vyM1HghsnVan5UJhtx2GumTaLBTHgDhCW4abjzZLmsYmr'var message = 'Any cool message to sign and verify!'let signed = await scrypta.signMessage(privkey, message)​/* { "message":"Any cool message to sign and verify!", "hash":"b03f58edbc303aae60f1a9fee1bb0640e39062db114f9ba85d85d5475ac49009", "signature":"a6587004976105f4fee0cc88aa5afbf8281ff29f2510b04fec66b970a5facd5a06e4c5bc31de10e9ceeb3eae36151cb9b5a2ee10f4d01d2a0959b8148d776abd", "pubkey":"027460a5f721e97f5e241d9767fb1b7fd778892e7c40684b79fcb4420d07d240e0", "address":"LdRQokR1i3XDtj1V3jnCRqMPrVc7sYkeE2" }​*/

verifyMessage(pubkey, signature, message)

To verify a message it is necessary to possess the message itself, the signature that has been affixed to it and the public key that generated that signature. If everything is correct, then the message has not been altered and the signature is verified by the public key, an object containing the same elements of the previous method will be returned. If something doesn't match, the method will respond withfalse.

const scrypta = window.ScryptaCorevar message = 'Any cool message to sign and verify!'let signature = 'a6587004976105f4fee0cc88aa5afbf8281ff29f2510b04fec66b970a5facd5a06e4c5bc31de10e9ceeb3eae36151cb9b5a2ee10f4d01d2a0959b8148d776abd'let pubkey = '027460a5f721e97f5e241d9767fb1b7fd778892e7c40684b79fcb4420d07d240e0'​let verified = await scrypta.verifyMessage(pubkey, signature, message)​/* { "address":"LdRQokR1i3XDtj1V3jnCRqMPrVc7sYkeE2", "pubkey":"027460a5f721e97f5e241d9767fb1b7fd778892e7c40684b79fcb4420d07d240e0", "signature":"a6587004976105f4fee0cc88aa5afbf8281ff29f2510b04fec66b970a5facd5a06e4c5bc31de10e9ceeb3eae36151cb9b5a2ee10f4d01d2a0959b8148d776abd","hash":"b03f58edbc303aae60f1a9fee1bb0640e39062db114f9ba85d85d5475ac49009", "message":"Any cool message to sign and verify!" }*/

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